Come out of Hiding

by Now Age Emcee

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"Come out of Hiding" is the first single from the forthcoming album "Transition Vision" by Now Age Emcee.
Inspired by the poem "Said the Shotgun to the Head" by Saul Williams


You can come out of hiding

I had a vision of a new earth
Clean water, clean air, clean dirt
New age, new language, new birth
Synchronize was the new verb
Every moment was an orchestrated overture
Black and white were dead words
Free at last, humanity was singular
The planet's children no longer teenagers
Able to see the wisdom of our ancestors
Technology reconciled with nature
And it felt like we lifted off a curse
Like the seas calmed and Atlantis emerged
Believe this is our destiny it will occur
This is a love song to the future

You can come out of hiding

All the cities ran on zero point energy
Built from Tesla papers whistle blowers leaked
From up above you could see that all the roofs were green
The sky scrapers looked like islands of magnolia trees
And we took back our Democracy
Finally realized the power in our unity
Redistributed the currency
And it rushed down like Niagara Falls from the elite
We swallowed doves of peace so that we could emit the light
We signed the treaty and the drones just left the sky
Fundamentalists evolved into mystical
And we celebrated love as the greatest miracle
It's like a masterpiece was in front of me
Paint still wet with fusion and epiphany
To all the souls above waiting to be born free
Mother Earth is pregnant. Come out of hiding

You can come out of hiding

It started raining hard and the sun was out
The Wind said, "Smile. Your fate is bound."
You can move a heavy stone using only sound
You've always had the note. Now let it out your mouth

You can come out of hiding


released November 7, 2018
Now Age Emcee- vocals, bass, electric sitar, tambourine-
Devon Ashley- drums
Reggie Bishop- synthesizer

Recorded by Tyler Watkins and Alex Kercheval at Postal Recording
Mixed and mastered by Tyler Watkins at Postal Recording
Produced by Tyler Watkins, Alex Kercheval, Now Age Emcee

Words and music by Now Age Emcee

Cover photograph by Christopher M. Dance


all rights reserved



Now Age Emcee Indianapolis, Indiana

Now Age Emcee performs sacred boom bap rituals on a boom box tuned to 432hz. Hep cat hippie hop. Thump goes the evolution!

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